The TPi awards - an awards ceremony for the live entertainment industry, celebrating lighting designers, sound engineers, set design etc. Alex was appointed as assistant lighting designer, working alongside Nathan Wan (Lighting Designer).

Alex’s role included producing lighting plots and paperwork for the design, pre-programming with Nathan, aiding in the rig stages to ensure everything was rigged correctly and working. Alex went on to operated the show; the prologue including a three minute timecode light show.

Year | 2019

Role | Lighting Designer, Programmer and Operator


Facilitated by | Robe, Avolites, WYSIWYG


Bluestone Resort is a 5* National Park Resort in Pembrokeshire, Wales. It is renowned for its family entertainment, including interactive shows. Dave was tasked with creating, editing and mixing custom tracks and soundscapes for ‘The Little MerElf’, a winter-themed watery adventure for all the family. Dave sourced additional sound effects to create atmosphere within existing backing tracks which had been commissioned for the show, as well as a ‘megamix’ of all musical numbers for the bows. He also mixed and mastered all tracks to ensure that they were consistent in level and frequency content in order to maximise impact and effectiveness when used live.


Year | 2019


Role | Sound Design, Audio Editing, Mix and Master


Facilitated by | Logic Pro X


Jack Millier Music is an established multi-instrumentalist and composer with a particular passion for the piano. Jack enlisted Co:Lab Creative to create a brand to establish his creative identity. The previous logo was outdated; in such a competitive industry, it was vital for Jack to have professional, high quality and current branding. Jack Millier Music’s new, luxurious branding was created to be eye catching in print, web and clothing, including organisation of promotional material including business cards, flyers, zap stand and clothing. 


Year | 2020


Role | Brand identity, Logo Design, Printing Collateral


Facilitated by | Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Fonts, Adobe Colour